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We love our family - sure, but covering every wall with portrait and group photos, just doesn't suit every space in the home. For me, it's nice to have "moments" in the home for photos, and "moments" in the home for art. You can of course mix them on a gallery wall, but not every wall / space can merit the 'controlled chaos' of a gallery wall.  Below, I've listed my favorite ways to display our family portraits. 

Design by  Studio McGee

Design by Studio McGee


1. Once you've decided on the wall / space that seems best for your family photos - shop for frames that fit your space. I know it seems backwards to choose your frames first, but trust me - you shouldn't be investing in a custom frame just for a printed photo. For me, it feels like my photos evoke so much more emotion when they are displayed in a minimal frame - below are my favorite brands.

a. For standard sized frames / mats, West Elm's Polished Antique Bronze does it for me - the frame is slender enough to feel as modern as I like, and the mat is nice and large.

b.For larger frames / mats, Artifact Uprising's Gallery Frame is your spot. 

c.For smaller frames, I've had surprisingly good luck with the Studio Decor brand at Michael's.  

Design by Chris Loves Julia

Design by Chris Loves Julia



2. Once you've chosen your frames, choose a theme of images that suit the space or moment best. For example, if you're displaying photos on a wall near your kitchen, where your family gathers frequently for meals, choose photos of your immediate family that are lighthearted, and fun. I almost always print my family portraits in black and white, unless their's a neutral tone / theme to the set of images. 


3. Don't have any recent images you love ? Hire a local / professional Film Photographer to take your family portraits. Film photography is an art form within itself. Trust me, your skin will have never looked creamier, and it'll be worth the investment. Shameless plug for my dear friend and film photographer Josh Morehouse. These photos of my babies are absolutely priceless.

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