Short List | Modern Upgrades


1. We'll be listing our house in a couple of weeks, so I'm in the market for some cost effective modern upgrades. 

2. I'm *mostly finished with how I want our master bedroom to look, except our bedside lighting. I adore how clean the inspiration bedroom looks. To achieve this look, I'll be replacing our traditional lamps with these. I love how pretty the black and gold look together, and also REALLY love that they are plug in - a.k.a they can be installed asap. 

Design by  Alaina Kaczmarski
Atlanta Stylist

3. Right now, our shutters are super boring with no hardware (photo below), and since painting the whole house white isn't an option, I'm settling for some hardware upgrades. Ever since I came across the hardware on the house below (photo below), I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I can't wait to get these modern shutter dogs up. I'll post photos of this soon!

Atlanta Stylist
Atlanta Stylist.jpg

4. There's only one other house in our neighborhood with these gooseneck lights and I just love how much of a statement they make. I found a steal on Amazon - link here


5. I also have my eye on this pretty little lamp.

Atlanta Stylist
Design by  Collins Interiors

These past couple of weeks have been SO busy, but I am so thankful to be alive and well. Here's a quick snap of Carlos and I during his most recent Charleston Photography workshop at Lowndes Grove.

Atlanta Stylist